Class Size Overage Information

Please find information relating to the Class Size Overage Claims below. If you have any questions, please contact the BTF Office at (716) 881-5400.


As stated in Appendix G of the 2016 BPS/BTF Collective Bargaining Agreement, the District shall compensate teachers when their classes exceed the Maximum Class Size Limits outline in Article IX, Section D (see below).


Class Size Standard and Maximum:

    Kindergarten 25   30
    Primary Grades 27   30
    Fourth – Sixth Grades 27   32
    Mentally Retarded (Educable) 15   15
  Secondary Classes        
    Honors and Regents English 125   135
    Honors and Regents – Other 135   150
    Basic English 100   120
    Basic – Others 125   135
    Classes for Mentally Retarded 18   18
    Vocational Trades 20   24
    Industrial Trades 20   24
    Home Economics – Food, Clothing 20   22
    Home Economics – Others 25   30
    Typing 30   35
    Drafting 25   30
    Music – Theory Classes Only 25   35
    Art 25   30
    Physical Education 40    
    Swimming Classes     35
    Also note Appendix F of the CBA      


Teachers that are eligible for Class Size Overage are responsible for COMPLETING and submitting the Class Size Overage Form and attaching all necessary documentation to support each overage (e.g., Attendance Register in Infinite Campus). The form must be signed by the employee submitting and the school principal.


Teachers are encouraged to submit their Class Size Overage at the conclusion of each semester. All forms must be completed and submitted to the BTF Office (271 Porter Avenue, Buffalo New York 14201).