Optical Plan Information

Please find information relating to the Optical Benefits covered under the Buffalo Teachers Federation Supplemental Benefit Fund below. If you have any questions, please contact the Supplemental Benefit Fund Office at (716) 881-5462.



Under the provisions of the BTF supplemental benefit fund optical plan all members, their spouses and dependents under the age of 23 are covered.




Covered vision services consist of the care and treatment when performed or prescribed by a physician or a duly licensed optometrist acting within the scope of the license and includes the following:




A comprehensive medical examination rendered by a duly licensed physician or a complete vision survey and analysis performed by a duly licensed optometrist.


Teacher Members:     $ 45.00 for one examination in a two (2) year period.
Dependents:              $ 30.00 for one examination in a two (2) year period.




You are now eligible for a first and second service on both Frames and Lenses (which includes contact lenses) in a two (2)-year period. This means that if you are eligible for a first service and purchase just frames, you are still eligible for a first service on lenses (or vice versa).


A two year period begins on the date of your first service (which is the date you order your glasses) and ends two years later. The next two-year period begins when you apply for benefits after the previous two year period has expired.


If you have any doubts concerning your eligibility, call before you purchase your glasses.




You are responsible for 100 % payment to the optician. After full payment has been made to the optician, mail the completed claim form to the BTF-SBF office for reimbursement.


Claims submitted for reimbursement must be made within six (6) months of the date of service.


Reimbursement may not be paid for any of the following:

- Services rendered after the date the individual ceases to be covered hereunder.
- Reimbursements requested after 6 months of the date the service was performed.
- Care or treatment rendered, finished or started, prior to the Effective date of your coverage.