Press Release
For Immediate Release
May 21, 2018


“The Teacher Transfer Process is a disastrous demonstration of Incompetence, Falsehoods, a complete willful disregard for BTF/District agreements and attempts by the BTF to work with the District to correct the many serious problems that will result in having to re-do the transfers of hundreds of teachers”, stated Phil Rumore, President of the Buffalo Teachers Federation.

The BTF today outlined its many attempts, from June 6, 2017 to May of 2018, to alert the District of the severe transfer problems and the BTF’s efforts to correct them. The BTF also pointed out false statements made by the District designed to mislead all concerned.

A timeline was presented containing events and eight (8) written communications to the District, Superintendent and Board of Education outlining the year-long efforts of the BTF to identify and correct the serious problems to avoid the District’s having to re-do hundreds of teacher transfers.

The District ignored the many communications and as a result, if not corrected, will have to re-do hundreds of teacher transfers.