Press Release
For Immediate Release
August 14, 2020

Buffalo Teachers to District - There Must Only Be Remote/Distance Learning When the School Year Begins

The BTF today made public a resolution passed by its Executive Committee and Council of Delegates, (representatives from all schools/sites)  for “remote teaching and learning to be continued and in-person instruction to commence only when:


  • medical professionals have agreed that it is medically safe to resume.
  • the reopening plan(s) have been approved by the Board of Education, Board-Approved Parent Organizations and Employee Unions.”


The Resolution cited a recent BTF survey completed by 3,155 Buffalo teachers (86%) showing that:

86.56% DO NOT think the “Buffalo Public Schools 2020 Reopening Plan” provides for a safe reopening for Buffalo students, parents and staff.

71.95% DO NOT support the two (2) day/three (3) day hybrid rotation schedule.

90.24% DO NOT support face masks being encouraged but not mandatory.

81.12% DO NOT support the delineation of how health screenings will be conducted.

76.66% DO NOT support the delineation of procedures to be followed once a person is possibly infected or found to be infected with the virus.

70.14% DO NOT support how parents/staff will be notified of suspected/actual virus incidents.

83.22% DO NOT support the delineation of how incidents of non-compliance with established health/safety protocols will be handled.

78.89% DO NOT agree with the delineation of how many nurses will be assigned to each building.

The BTF also made public correspondence that was sent to the Superintendent, Board of Education, and Reopening Committee listing over one hundred (105) unclear and unexplained critical concerns raised by teachers and parents but unanswered by the District relating to:


  • students
  • students with special needs
  • concerns of parents
  • buildings
  • protocols if someone is or may be infected
  • classroom setup
  • scheduling
  • instruction
  • additional important issues
  • teacher personal concerns


“While Buffalo teachers very much want to be back with their students, they do not believe that the District has put forth a plan that ensures the safety of our students, parents, school staff and community as well as one that provides for a sound education for our students.

We can not and will not risk the lives and well-being of our students, their families and our community. Nor can we become Florida, Texas or similar communities.

If you make a decision that causes the loss of a life or physical harm to people, you should have to explain your decision to their families in person”, stated Philip Rumore, President of the Buffalo Teachers Federation.



Click Here to view the resolution passed by the BTF Executive Committee and Council of Delegates as well as the correspondence sent to the Superintendent, Board of Education and Reopening Committee.