Press Release
For Immediate Release
March 27, 2020

BTF Calls For Buffalo Public School Change in Grade Policy

“Nonetheless, Buffalo decided to grade students work to be able to provide clear, concise, encouraging, and honest feedback to students and parents about their child’s work and work effort during this extended closure time,”


Superintendent Kriner Cash said.  “That is part of our job as educators.”  The Buffalo News – March 27, 2020


In response to the District’s statement that the Buffalo Public Schools instructing teachers to grade students, BTF President Philip Rumore stated:


“While Buffalo teachers are committed to providing their students with instruction during these difficult times, they are strongly against grading their students as the circumstances of each student is not the same.  For example:


  • Not all students have access to a computer/device.
  • Some households have multiple siblings at different grade levels with one computer/device.
  • Some households have young children requiring much attention.
  • Some households have no room in which a child can concentrate.


Being in a classroom is not the same as being home with insufficient learning materials, equipment, and distractions.


It is not only unfair to grade students during this crisis, it can be damaging to their self-esteem.


You can’t give every student an “A” for attending one session.  You don’t know what has prevented a student who wants to participate, but can’t”, Rumore concluded.