Press Release
For Immediate Release
April 2, 2019


At the first negotiations session between the Buffalo Teachers Federation and Buffalo School District, after the BTF agreed to significant changes to the negotiations ground rules that the sides have used for over twenty years, the District adamantly refused to agree to a ground rule that had been agreed to for many years.

“The parties will schedule in advance a minimum of two tentative negotiating sessions with agreed upon time limits.” (emphasis added)

The District insisted that it would only agree to scheduling one session in advance.

“That the District adamantly refused to agree to scheduling at least two tentative negotiating sessions in advance, but would only schedule one session in advance, is not only incredible but leads us to believe that they have no interest in reaching a speedy resolution, and are looking to prolong negotiations to wear teachers down.

It won’t happen.”, stated Phil Rumore.

When it became apparent that delay was the obvious intent, the BTF left the District to reconsider its position.

“In all my years of negotiating, there has never been a time where both sides didn’t want to schedule as many sessions as possible in advance. They are always tentative as circumstances change; however, it allows for people to plan, clear their schedule and make progress more quickly.

This is obviously not the District’s objective.”, concluded Philip Rumore.