Memo To:   All Buffalo Teachers

From:         Philip Rumore, President, BTF

Date:          May 11, 2023 


Subject:    “Three Bell” - Schools Starting/Ending Time Changes

As you may have heard, last evening the Board was presented with a proposed “Three Bell” / Schools Starting and Ending Time Change proposal.


The proposal, which was shared with principals during the day, would attempt to implement starting and ending time changes at all schools. Schedule Changes. (Click Here) Complete Document Presented to Superintendent and Board. (Click Here)


The procedure agreed to as part of our contract and significantly different from the previous one is (Click Here).


In response to some questions:

ii. It is clear “teachers at the affected schools will be placed at the top of the transfer list for the upcoming school year based on their seniority”


Our position is that all teachers affected seeking a transfer will be paced at the top of the transfer lists in place of any lists already compiled. No transfers have taken place.


We are seeking to have the two (2) year, no transfer requirement for a newly transferred teachers, waived.


We will work with the District to develop a procedure for those who want to transfer once the Board approves the “plan”.


iii. “Unless agreed to by the faculty of the affected schools, no other changes within the starting and ending times will occur.” (Emphasis added)


vii. Prior to the implementation of the change, the District agrees to hold a community meeting at each impacted school to receive feedback from the school community. (Emphasis added) That means staff and parents at a minimum.


We are working with the Board to clarify the procedures.


If there are problems with the implementation, please contact your LRS (Click Here).


Stay Tuned.