Memo To:   All Buffalo Teachers

From:         Philip Rumore, President, BTF

Date:          March 24, 2023 


Subject:    Negotiations Update

Yesterday, we met with the District into the evening.


The Board has been asked to provide input so that we can proceed. As soon as that is conveyed to us, we will meet.


Please remember, any proposals from the District are considered, by them, “Package Proposals” requiring that “all other proposals made by both the District and the BTF be withdrawn”. In other words, the BTF must agree to all the issues/positions/proposals in the District’s package of proposals and drop ours.


Therefore, there are no raises, benefits, etc. that the Board is touting until we agree to all their proposals and drop ours.


As soon as we hear back from the Board, we are prepared to meet… tomorrow, the next day… i.e. as soon as possible.


There were additional positive verbal agreements yesterday; however, the District has not yet provided them in writing. In the last negotiations sessions, important tentative agreements have been reached that would not have happened if we had agreed to all previous tentative proposals.


Please be careful what you say or write that can be used in an attempt to undermine negotiations.

Your patience and solidarity will be rewarded.