Memo To:   All Buffalo Teachers

From:         Philip Rumore, President, BTF

Date:          December 13, 2021


Subject:     Updates (Negotiations, City Hall Raises)

Contract Negotiations
Since it has been difficult to schedule negotiating sessions with the mediator as a result of his schedule, we have decided to meet without him unless it becomes necessary.


Starting in January, the BTF and District will schedule two negotiating sessions before the previously scheduled January 11, 2022 meeting and at least six (6) to seven (7) sessions in January. January 11, 2022 remains as the date that was previously scheduled with the mediator.


City Hall Raises
As you have read, the Superintendent has proposed significant raises for his staff. He has compared their current salaries with those in other big city districts.


As you know, we have done this also.


“Effective 7/1/19 the base teacher’s salary, B.S. Step 1, shall be the average salary for public school teachers in the Big Six school districts (including Albany but excluding Buffalo) for B.S. Step 1 for the 2019-2020 school year 1. Each step on the Salary Schedule, each column across the Salary Schedule, and all other teachers’ compensation shall be increased proportionately. Teachers’ salaries will be increased in the same manner effective 7/1/2020, 7/1/2021, 7/1/2022.


1 For the purpose of these negotiations, based on the New York State Education Department data, the 2019-2020 BS Step 1 average salary for the BIG 6 (including Albany minus Buffalo) is $52,551.


Note: Our BS Step 1 is now $37,649.


Obviously, we know these teacher salaries have increased significantly since our proposal was made. In addition, we want a contract including 7/1/23, 7/1/24 (i.e. 2023-24, 2024-25).


Since the Superintendent believes that his staff deserve these raises, in addition to the ones granted previously, then certainly, Buffalo teachers, on the front lines, who are and have continued to endure and prevail over unprecedented obstacles in the interests of their students, deserve one hundred (100) times these increases. (At least 100 times!)