Memo To:   All Buffalo Teachers

From:         Philip Rumore, President, BTF

Date:          January 27, 2020


Subject:     Updates

Legal Challenge to Reopening Buffalo Schools
Awaiting response from NYSUT regarding Court Action.

COVID-19 Testing
The form that we have seen asking teachers if they are willing to be tested indicated that it is voluntary and can be rescinded. (Click Here) If you are advised that you must be tested, contact your LRS. (Click Here)

BTF Health and Safety Assessment
The assessment link has been sent to your Delegate and Building Committee members. The results thus far are here (Click Here) (Click Here).


Some principals are working with their staff to correct the ones they can. Many can not be done easily.


We realize that Delegates and Building Committee members are being overwhelmed and are having difficulty acquiring the information, but when you can, please complete as much as you can.


This information and other issues that you have sent is being forwarded to the District. Names are removed.
We are forwarding these concerns to the District so that it is aware of them and can correct them.


We will be surveying schools on a regular basis or as schools believe they should be updated.


We have been advised that the Superintendent is inspecting some of the buildings. If you see him, you should feel free to express your concerns and also anything positive.

As we work to have all state tests suspended, we have just learned that principals apparently have the authority to delay submission.


While the deadline for submitting SLO’s is January 28, 2021, if you need an extension, please contact your principal in writing to request an extension. If your request is denied, please contact your LRS.


When Schools Reopen
I can not and do not advise all teachers to not report to school when they are reopened. That would be a strike.

Under the Taylor Law:

  • Teachers would lose two (2) days pay for each day considered to be on strike.
  • The existing contract would no longer be in effect. Currently an existing contract remains in place until a new one is negotiated unless there is a strike.
  • The union would be fined.

If you have any questions relating to your particular circumstances, please contact your LRS.