Memo To:   All Buffalo Teachers

From:         Philip Rumore, President, BTF

Date:          November 18, 2020


Subject:     Update COVID -19

COVID-19 Testing in Schools
An answer to the question we have been raising –


We just heard from Albany that it has been decided that the 20% testing in schools in the yellow zones applies to adults in the school/site even if there are no students.


Buffalo is apparently one of the few where staff must report and there are no students.


Apparently, this will be coming in writing soon. We shall see.


There will obviously be greater changes if (when) we go to orange and/or red.


Advising Teachers of COVID-19 Incidents
Claudine Ewing called me this morning, November 18, 2020, to set up a zoom interview regarding teachers concerns about not being informed of COVID-19 instances in their school/site.


I told her yes.


She was (is) going to set it up later.


At about 12:15 Darren Brown-Hall, Chief of Staff called to advise us that they were setting up a notification template to advise teachers/staff of COVID-19 issues in their school/site.


Hmmm…. A coincidence?


It only took many letters and a press release to obtain transparency and important safety information for teachers/staff. What else is new?


Thank you to all those who kept us informed. You made this happen.