Memo To:   All Buffalo Teachers

From:         Philip Rumore, President, BTF

Date:          August 31, 2020

Subject:     State & Federal COVID-19 Related Leave Entitlements

Attached please find a copy of a document we just received from NYSUT, our State affiliate, outlining some of the COVID-19 related leave entitlements available.
If you have questions, please contact the Labor Relations Specialist (LRS) assigned to your school (attached). If they can’t answer your question, as may be the case, as this is all evolving, they will advise you who might be able to assist you with your specific inquiry.
We advise that you contact and communicate with the District, in writing (email), and save all correspondence.
If you are denied any of the attached benefits, please contact your LRS. Please have all correspondence available. We will fight for you.
As you have seen, or will see, we have initiated legal action against the District as per your recent overwhelming vote (1866 – 70%  - 789 – 30%).
We will attempt to prevent the District from risking your, our students’, their parents’ and our community’s lives… now and in the future when schools/sites reopen for students.
Please stay well. Take no chances.