Memo To:   All Buffalo Teachers

From:         Philip Rumore, President, BTF

Date:          July 17, 2020


Subject:     NYSED Reopening Guidance

Below, please find the link to the NYSED “Reopening Guidance” released yesterday afternoon.


Once again, there are areas that provide “what to do, not how”. We are reviewing it.

Please continue to forward your concerns relating to the “Guidance” and all concerns as they arise now and in the future.

They will be forwarded to the District, NYSED, etc.

Our primary concern must remain the health and safety of our students, teachers/staff, parents and community.


There also must be (to name just a few, in addition to those we have already listed. Previous correspondence is on our website,, See News and Alerts):


  • in-servicing of teachers/staff, students, parents, etc. on the use of distance hearing devices.
  • reworking curriculum for every subject. What is taught and how is different via virtual distancing than in the normal classroom.
  • flexibility and constant review by teacher/staff and parents.


To expect that all this can be done by September is unrealistic.

Once again, any plan(s) that are developed must be presented to the public well in advance of implementation (3 weeks). Their support will also be voted on by all teachers.


Stay Tuned.


Full Guidance:

Re-opening Framework: