Memo To:   Dr. Kriner Cash, Superintendent, BPS

From:         Philip Rumore, President, BTF

Date:          April 23, 2020


Subject:     District False Statements Regarding Masks

On April 14, 2020, we sent two (2) correspondences expressing our concern that devices/materials were being distributed; however, gloves but not masks, were provided by the District to ensure the health of those involved (attached).


We also asked if the Erie County Department of Health was consulted about the procedures.


We take very seriously the health and safety, of not only the teachers and other District employees, but also that of the students, parents and community.


In response to our health and safety concerns, we received this/your response, “In response to your handwritten note: Masks will be, and have been, provided for all teachers volunteering to assist with the distribution of laptops and iPads in their schools.” (attached)


We have verified that this is false statement.


At the time of our email, we knew of at least one school (#69) that we have been informed distributed said materials without District provided facemasks.


Whether there were or are others, we do not know at this time. We are checking. Hopefully, there are no others. We will advise you if there are.


Rather than checking with us to obtain the information, you instead chose to issue a false claim, that our attempt to alert you to a serious health concern raised by teachers was false.


Your assertion was false and in my opinion shows a serious lack of concern for the safety and health of all concerned.


You could have, but chose not to, inquire about the schools that reported they had not received masks or gloves so that you could check.


In addition, you have not responded to our inquiry relating to soliciting the approval of the Erie County Department of Health.


We are reporting these serious concerns from our teachers so that the District can take appropriate action to check on them to ensure their and others’ safety.


We would have hoped for you to show greater concern by seeking the source(s) of the problems and work with us to correct them.