Memo To:   All Buffalo Teachers

From:         Philip Rumore, President, BTF

Date:          March 16, 2020


Subject:     Update

First, thank you to all the teachers who expressed their commitment to work together to prevent this virus from spreading and to also find ways to work with their students while being concerned about your and your families wellbeing.


No surprise here – we are teachers.


As per our previous update, the BTF will remain open – possibly with different hours. We ask that there be no visits to the office unless you have an appointment. This is for your safety as well as the staff’s. Forms, etc. can as always be put through the mail slot whether we are closed or not. Most forms are online


We will continue to update you as we have been.


Recent Events:

  • We have been, and will continue to be, in contact with the Superintendent, NYSUT, Board of Regents, etc.
  • The number one concern is and will be safety.
  • The Governor’s original 170-day student attendance waiver (click here) required the use of all “snow “ and “vacation” days prior to being in effect.
    In other words, if schools were closed and all the “snow” and “vacation” days had not been used, the days would have to be taken from the spring recess.
    Or another way, if you did not exceed your number of “snow” and “vacation” days, the 180 days requirement was still in effect and any days below 180 would be subtracted from spring break.
  • There has been same rumor that teachers might not get paid. Of course you will be paid. Hopefully, you have direct deposit set up.
  • We will be clarifying the concerns relating to the use of sick or personal leave. Will teachers be charged for today or any other day teachers do not report? Our position, they should not be. Hopefully, we won’t need to grieve this.
  • We are seeking clarification on Tuesday and Wednesday’s District plans/schedules.
    As questions arise, we will email you with our responses.


Thank you again for your solidarity and commitment to work together and with all concerned.


Together, we will beat this virus and overcome all the obstacles placed in our path.


It won’t be easy but, it will be done.