Memo To:   All Buffalo Teachers

From:         Philip Rumore, President, BTF

Date:          March 13, 2020


Subject:     Coronavirus

We must and will continue to work together to ensure the health of our students, families and community.


Whether all or some schools will be closed is uncertain at this time. If and when such action is taken, we will be providing guidance and working with the District to answer questions and provide information.


Obviously, there are additional concerns in cities like ours, i.e. students’ breakfast and lunch, no internet, etc. These concerns cannot, however, prevent actions that ensure the health of our community.


The worldwide shortage of antibacterial and similar products is obviously a concern, as is the lack of tests, state and national what if a, b, c, etc. plans.


The District is continuing to receive and distribute supplies as they are received. The Superintendent has advised us that such supplies in school offices are to be made available to staff. While engineers/custodial staff are working with us, if you believe it necessary, you can also ask for materials to clean areas you believe need to be cleaned. The Superintendent has advised us that he is sending a team to investigate all the concerns raised.


There is a document relating to the 180-day student attendance requirement being circulated. It has 12/16/2019 at the top and 12/13/2019 at the bottom.


This was intended to address “snow days” and did not anticipate the coronavirus.


NYSUT is seeking clarification on this. NYSED is expected to issue clarification on this and other issues today. They will be forwarded as they are received.


We will continue to forward your concerns to the District for action. If after a reasonable period your concerns are not addressed, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


If schools are closed we will all continue to work together to ensure that our students receive meals and the instruction they need. Some teachers have indicated that they have already worked with their students to provide lessons.


Depending on the circumstances, although hours will be adjusted, the BTF office will be open. We will ask that any concerns be accomplished via phone or email, unless an appointment has been made.


Documents can of course be placed through the mail slot whether the office is open or closed.


We have been advised that the Governor is expected to make an announcement relating to schools at 2:00 pm today.


We will keep you informed, as always.


Please be careful and be overcautious.