Memo To:   All Buffalo Teachers
From:         Philip Rumore, President, BTF
Date:          November 13, 2019

Subject:     Updates

“Snow Days”
Also Note: While stating that the schools in your area are closed, in and of itself, may not be used as the sole reason for not being able to report in Buffalo, it can be used as evidence that you could not report in Buffalo.

This is the complete document.

You should note, pages 4-7 give an overview:
  • One (1) announced/one (1) unannounced unless the teacher received an Ineffective in the previous year.
    • Announced – Pre-meeting to set date/time and what will be covered – Teacher or administrator can request one (1) additional observation. 
    • Unannounced – Month during which will take place made known. One postponement allowed.
  • No Observations
    • Month of September
    • Before or After Thanksgiving, on Halloween, Winter (Christmas) Break, Mid-Winter (February) Break, Spring (Easter) Break.
    • During the last three (3) weeks of instruction in June.
  • Not all indicators must be observed/evaluated (see example pg. 27, 28 & 29)
  • There are two different evaluation procedures
    • 3012-d teachers (pg. 12, 15, 17, 39)
    • non-3012-d teachers (pg. 13, 14, 16, 18, 40)
  • Teachers receiving an overall Ineffective (I) rating can challenge the evaluation (pg. 24-25)
  • Under the Contract – XIII, C.


“Although teacher evaluation is not subject to the grievance procedure, a teacher may have an evaluation reviewed at a meeting with the Associate Superintendent for Instructional Services and/or the Superintendent of Schools. If the teacher requests, a teacher representative designated by the Federation may accompany the teacher at such meeting.”

Penalizing Teachers for Being Ill
Some principals are attempting to penalize teachers for being ill under guise of rewarding teachers who have perfect, or in their opinion, excellent attendance.
  • This is an insult to teachers – i.e. you are not really sick, you are just taking a day off.
  • If you have caught a cold, etc. from one of your students (there is usually one who is ill), you don’t get the reward.
  • If a member of your family is ill – too bad.
  • Pregnant – too bad.
  • Come to school with a cold or flu so that your students and staff catch it?


No building committee can agree to this. It is a violation of our contract and something that the District had sought and is seeking in our negotiations.


School Safety/Learning Conditions Survey
Thus far, after only three days, we have received 252 responses to our survey.

Teachers have until December 2, 2019 to complete it. We obviously need a significant response for the District and others to accept the results.

Please take the time to complete it. You can complete/take it multiple times to complete your input.

As per #13 of the survey, teachers should be aware of the following contract provisions.
  • XVIII C. (4) - Regardless of the cause of any pupil difficulty, no teacher or class is ever required to tolerate any act of gross misconduct, including flagrant discourtesy, abusive and vile language, acts of violence, and deliberate insubordination. The teacher has the right to remove any pupil whose behavior repeatedly disrupts the learning atmosphere of the class. The pupil shall not be readmitted until the teacher has conferred with the principal or assistant principal involved. The pupil shall not be returned to the same class until the teacher and administrator have discussed the basis on which improvement can be expected. If it is mutually agreed that the pupil’s behavior cannot be expected to improve another placement will be provided.
  • XVIII A. - The teacher involved shall be consulted by the principal before the principal takes action thereunder, and the principal shall inform the teacher of the action taken. If the teacher believes such action to be inappropriate, the matter may be referred for review through the first three steps of the grievance procedure.
  • If Applicable - XVIII B. - Upon the menace or assault (as defined in the New York State Penal Law) of a teacher by a pupil, the teacher shall submit a sworn affidavit outlining the facts and circumstances to the Principal and to the Federation. Upon receipt of the affidavit, the principal shall immediately suspend the pupil and request a formal suspension. No such pupil shall be returned to the same classroom against the desire of the teacher if the charges which led to the suspension are upheld in the formal hearing.

Changing Diapers
It is not the responsibility of teachers to change diapers.

The principal/administrator should assign someone other than the teacher.

If the principal/administrator is ordering you to change diapers, ask for the directive in writing. You can inform them that the BTF has advised you to do so.

There are State guidelines for changing diapers (See Attached)

If you are ordered to change diapers, please notify the BTF and submit a copy of the principal’s directive or if the principal/administrator has refused or not done so, indicate that.

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