Memo To:   All Buffalo Teachers
From:         Philip Rumore, President, BTF
Date:          November 7, 2019

Subject:     School Safety/Learning Conditions

In order to determine the extent, areas of concern and locations of unacceptable school safety and learning conditions, we have combined two recent surveys. We need your assistance to determine the issues giving rise to unacceptable learning/safety conditions as well as the physical/communication issues leading to unsafe conditions in the school/site, e.g. doors unlocked/unlockable, lack of notification of emergency conditions, unauthorized non-board people in the building, etc.

We can not and will not allow unacceptable school safety and learning conditions in our schools/sites.

Once the surveys are completed, we will provide the information to the Superintendent and Board with our offer to work with them as well as take necessary actions to ensure that the concerns/issues are corrected.

We realize that this survey will take time; however, we need responses in sufficient numbers to demonstrate the severity of the concerns/issues.

Please try to have your surveys completed by December 2, 2019.

Thank you in advance for your continued solidarity and support.


Please Click Here to Take the School Safety & Unacceptable Learning Conditions Report Form