Memo To:   All Buffalo Teachers
From:         Philip Rumore, President, BTF
Date:          September 27, 2019

Subject:    Superintendent’s and Board’s Contract Proposals


The BTF Council of Delegates was so angered by an overview of the contract proposals, apparently approved by the Superintendent and Board of Education, a motion was unanimously passed to forward the overview to all Buffalo teachers.


While most of the Superintendent’s and Board’s proposals were met with anger, a couple involving the education of students stood out.


  • Proposals V a) (ii) and VI b)

Removing the mandate for Art/Music/PE in K-6

  • VII a)

Eliminating the requirement for teachers to have adequate teaching supplies

  • XII b)

Removing “If mutually agreed that the pupil’s behavior cannot be expected to improve another placement will be provided.”

  • XXIII b)

Days absent for death in family must be used consecutively and within two weeks of the family member’s death.


Yes, there were many more (almost all) of the proposals that were seen as insulting and as an attack on teachers, who are, under the most difficult circumstances, dedicated to providing our students with the finest education possible.


Although it was not part of the motion, I am including an overview of our contract proposals.

You should note that unlike the Superintendent’s and Board’s proposals that include nothing that addresses improving teaching and learning conditions for our students, our proposals include many to improve the education of our students, e.g.


  • Lowering and capping class sizes
  • For class size purposes counting students years behind in reading and math as 2 or 3 so that they can get increased support
  • Lowering class sizes and more support for our many ENL students
  • More school guidance counselors, social workers and attendance teachers to support our students
  • Increasing Art/ Music and PE in primary grades
  • Increased money for supplies
  • Ensuring that psychologists and social workers have time to work with students
  • Increased library service for students

Oh, and did you notice the Superintendent and Board made no salary proposal?


They said they were waiting to see ours?!



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