Memo To:   All Buffalo Teachers
From:         Philip Rumore, President, BTF
Date:          September 6, 2019

Subject:     First the Insults, Now the Long-Delayed Negotiating Dates

The District continues its distortions, threats, and insults in The Buffalo News.


  • District Distortion


Our contract calls for negotiations to “begin no later than the first Tuesday in January of the final year of the contract.”


When we did meet on April 2, 2019, after making several changes to the negotiations ground rules that we have used for many years, the District unequivocally and adamantly refused to agree to the ground rule that we would agree to set “two tentative negotiating sessions with agreed time limits”.


They refused to negotiate. We left them to reconsider their impediment to negotiations.


  • District Insult


Why no dates for negotiations since April? “We have a lot of other priorities that we have to address”, Nate Kuzma, District General Counsel, District negotiations spokesperson.


In short, teachers, we have more important things to do instead of negotiating a new contract for you!!


  • District Threat


“but if you’re walking away from the table, you’re going to end up on the sidelines for a while”, Nate Kuzma – Buffalo News.


  • District Threat


We will show you because you are “engaging in tactics we will not tolerate” and, “the tactics of the past will not be productive this time around”, Nate Kuzma – Buffalo News.


In other words, since the District adamantly refused to set tentative dates for negotiations in April, they are apparently saying, we’ll show you by not agreeing to dates to finalize ground rules and begin negotiations.


We will see what PERB has to say about that with our Improper Practice Charge. Unfortunately, we must assume that Mr. Kuzma’s statements come after speaking with the Superintendent and with his approval.


News Flash – Last evening, the District finally deemed Buffalo teachers worthy of attention. They have proposed the following dates, all of which we have agreed to:


September 25 - After 11 AM

September 30 - Open all day

October 2 - After 11 AM

October 7 - Open all day

October 8 - Open all day