Transfer Q & A

Below, please find the most Frequently Asked Question regarding the Transfer Process in the within the Buffalo Pubic School District.


Please Note: The Transfer Request Deadline Each Year is March 23.


Q: How can I get a transfer to a different school?

A: As per Article XIV of the Contract (pg. 30-31), a teacher can apply for a voluntary transfer for the next school year by writing a letter to the Director of Human Resources by March 23.


Q: Who is that?

A: Tami Hollie-McGee Warren, 720 City Hall, Buffalo, NY 14202


Note: You might want to consider sending important documents such as this in the “regular” mail. Do not use the pony.


Q: What should I write?

A: We advise that you identify what and where you teach and then request a transfer to another school. Ask to be advised of all available openings for which you are eligible. Sample letters are available on the BTF website (Click Here).


Q: When will I find out what schools are available?

A: Generally, staffing changes are made during the summer.


Q: Will my principal find out?

A: If requested in your letter, the request for transfer will be kept confidential and your principal will not be notified.


Q: Do I have to write to or tell my supervisor also?

A: No. The Lead Community Superintendent will forward your request to your department.


Q: Can I request to know all available openings?

A: Yes, and you should. When your supervisor calls you, he or she must give you all available openings at that time upon your request. However, you must ask!


Q: Do I have to take a transfer if I request one?

A: No.  You can choose to remain where you are.


Q: Can a probationary teacher receive a transfer?

A: A request can be made and probationary teachers are transferred in certain situations. The contract states that a probationary teacher is “expected to complete their probationary period in the school originally assigned except where conditions seem to indicate that a transfer is desirable.”  (pg. 30 Master Contract).


Q: Can I be transferred against my wishes?

A: Yes. If there is a cut in the number of positions in your tenure area at your school (a “reduction in force”), a teacher may be involuntarily transferred (Article XIV, G., pg. 31).


Q: How is the teacher chosen to be involuntarily transferred?

A: First, teachers in the tenure area which is to be reduced are given the opportunity based on their District seniority to volunteer to be transferred.


Q: What if no one volunteers to be involuntarily transferred?

A: Then the teacher in the tenure area to be reduced with the least seniority in the District is involuntarily transferred.


Q: Are there any exceptions?

A: Yes. “In case of a reduction-in-force, the Building Committee members and up to two additional delegates (the two with the most seniority in District service) who were in office during the school year, shall be the last persons considered for an involuntary transfer regardless of their seniority.” (pg. 32 Master Contract)


Q: Are there any other times when a teacher can be involuntarily transferred?

A: Yes.  A building administrator or supervisor may request that a teacher be involuntarily transferred.


Q: What should I do if that happens?

A: There is a process in place. Call your Labor Relations Specialist who will advise you.


Q: How much notice must I be given of an involuntary transfer?

A: The contract states on pg. 31, “As far in advance as practicable… at least 15 days prior to the effective date.”


Note: There are also special rules that apply if your school closes or changes configuration (ex. from an ECC to an Academy). BTF will schedule a representative to come and talk to your teachers if that occurs in your building.