BTF News & Alerts

04/03/14 - Shen Yun 2014 - Shea's Performing Arts Center asked that we let you know about it - Shen Yun 2014 Information

03/18/14 - The current NYSUT officers are being challenged in an election that will be held at the NYSUT Representative Assembly, April 4th to 6th - Upcoming NYSUT Officers Election Memo

02/24/14 - BTF will be participating in the Rally for Smarter Schools - Rally for Smarter Schools Memo

02/14/14 - This Can't Be True - Memo to the New York State Legislators

02/06/14 - In response to questions relating to recent NYSUT activities, there is a "slate" of candidates running against the current officers' "slate" - NYSUT Officers Election Memo

02/04/14 - We have not agreed to the calendar we have sent you, as we are still seeking clarification on further issues - Snow/Cold Days Clarification Memo

02/03/14 - Here is a copy of the resolution that was approved by the NYSUT Board of Directors - NYSUT Resolution/The Back Story Memo

02/03/14 - We have spoken with NYSUT and the District. As of today, it appears that we have used 5 snow/cold days - Snow Days Memo

01/31/14 - There was apparently a news story that referred to eliminating our retiree healthcare - Retiree Healthcare Memo

01/29/14 - We believe that the Buffalo Public Schools 2013-2014 Student Calendar on the District's website may be incorrect - "Snow" Day Memo

01/27/14 - Urgent Security Issues Memo to Superintendent Brown and Board of Education Members

01/17/14 - It appears that there are serious instructional problems arising from the use of the limited number of computers in the schools - Shortage of Computers/Impact on Instruction

01/16/14 - PERB has ordered the District to reinstate all Attendance Teachers - Huge Win for Attendance Teachers Memo

01/15/14 - We continue to receive complaints that administrators are pressuring teachers to agree to student growth/achievement goals - APPR Bullying Memo

01/10/14 - No teacher can be forced to change their SLO/LMA - SLOs/LMAs Memo

01/06/14 - Negotiations Update Memo

12/17/13 - We have received no response regarding the SLO/LMA Due Date - SLO/LMA Due Date Memo

12/12/13 - SLO/LMA Completion Date Memo

12/09/13 - BTF is asking teachers to join the parents and support the Peaceful Protest of NYSED and John King - Looking For Your Support Memo

12/08/13 - Cancellation of December 12ths Executive Committee and Council of Delegates Meeting

12/08/13 - National Day of Action in support of Public Education - National Day of Action Update Memo

12/07/13 - BTF is planning real action, we should all support this - National Day of Action Memo

11/26/13 - Thank you on behalf of those needy families for your contribution to our annual Thanksgiving/Hanukkah Food Drive - Amazing Memo

11/18/13 - Teach for America Information

11/14/13 - Negotiations has been set for December 19, 2013 at 12:00 noon - Negotiation Update Memo

11/14/13 - We continue to hear concerns relating to the lack of and/or inappropriate special education services and the substitute teacher shortage - Lack of Services/Substitute Teacher Shortages Memo

11/13/13 - The District has finally agreed with BTF that the "new" grade reporting timeline the District circulated recently is incorrect - Mark Reporting Timeline Memo

11/13/13 - Buffalo Teachers Federation Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive - Flyer

11/08/13 - Petition to Terminate Commissioner King's Employment Memo

11/07/13 - Principals were instructed not to give teachers a deadline to complete SLOs and LMAs - SLO & LMA Information Email

10/30/13 - We have continued the battle to have attendance teachers compensated through the Public Employment Relation Board (PERB) - Improper Practice Charge Memo

10/29/13 - Teachers Hand Out Orange Halloween Bookmarks with Safety Tips >>> Press Release

10/29/13 - District PGS System Memo - Sent to all teachers via email Oct. 29, 2013

10/17/13 - October 24, 2013 Press Release - Important Motions for All Buffalo Teachers -

The Executive Committee and Council of Delegates unanimously passed the following motions:

Call for Commissioner King's Resignation, Honor Diane Ravitch, BTF to Seek State-wide Court Action.

10/17/13 - APPR Process Grievance for the 2012-2013 School Year- APPR Grievance

10/17/13 - SLOs/LMAs - Teacher Refusal to Sign Document - October 17, 2013 Memo

10/11/13 - SLOs/LMAs Update - October 11, 2013 Memo

10/11/13 - APPR Grievance for 2011-2012 School Year

10/07/13 - SLO Memo - SLO suggestion that was presented to the Council of Delgates and other meetings, was asked to forward on to all teachers.

10/01/13 - Press Release: BTF Seeks to Repeal State and Federal Student Transfer Laws and Regulations

09/12/13 - TIPS Memo - Additional options teachers have, even after signing

09/12/13 - APPR's Update Memo

09/04/13 - Memo to All Teachers - Re: 2012-2013 APPR Scores - The Insulting Absurdities Continue...

08/29/13 - Negotiations Memo - Re: Fact-Finder Assignment

08/29/13 - PRESS RELEASE: Rumore Blasts Commissioner's Decision to Close Pinnacle Charter School

08/20/13 - Buffalo News Op Ed Piece - King's criticism is a vicious, vindictive attack

08/16/13 - Buffalo Teacher's Salary $20,000 Below Other Teachers - Updated Copy

08/16/13 - “Let’s See If The Buffalo News Will Print This – Another Voice Article

08/15/13 -The Alliance for Quality Education needs talented students artist to design artwork for a Champions of Education event. See details...

08/14/13 - August 13th Negotiations Memo

07/24/13 - Memo To Teachers at Lafayette and East High Schools - Disgusting Letter from Commissioner King Letter to the Superintendent Brown from Commissioner Kings

07/24/13 - Memo to Dr. Pamela Brown - Meeting with NYSED Re: Lafayette & East High Schools

07/24/13 - Memo to Delegate and Alternates of East and Lafayette High Schools - Possible Legal Action Against Commissioner King

06/19/13 - Explore the History of Buffalo with a Unique Graphic Novel Project - Literacy New York Brochure

06/11/13 - These two motions were passed by the BTF Executive Committee and will be voted on by the Council of Delegates at the next meeting on Thursday, June 13th, 2013 >>> First Motion, Second Motion

05/10/13 - APPR Offensive - Copy of resolution Phil recommended to Executive Committee

05/07/13 - Last Year's Evaluations Will Not Stand Memo >>> View Memo

05/03/13 - Important. Please Read! April 9th Q&A related to SLO's >>> View Memo3

05/02/13 - Buffalo School Board Candidate/Election memo

05/02/13 - No agreement on which "indicators" will be used for teacher evaluation... >>> View Memo

05/01/13 - The BTF is prepared to do battle. "The Battle Begins" memo

04/27/13 - April 27th "Fighting Back" memo. We will not be bullied...

04/24/13 - Phil Rumore's response to Buffalo News article, "If we have to fight them, we will."

04/17/13 - BTF  Continues Battle Against Standardized Tests and in Support of Parents Wishing to Opt Out >>> View Attachment

04/16/13 - BTF Receives NEA Media Assistance Grant >>> View Announcement

03/26/13 - 2012 - 2013 Turnaround Model Schools - Memorandum of Understanding between the Buffalo City School District ("District") and the Buffalo Teachers Federation ("Federation")

02/26/13 - Report for February 2013 Executive Committee Meeting >>> View

02/12/13 - February 1, 2013 Memo from Frances Wilson, CAO of the Buffalo Public School District to all Principals and Assistant Principals: APPR Procedures and Guidance

02/05/13 - January 11, 2013 Safe Schools Memo to Dr. Brown, BPS Board of Ed Members 12/19/12 - Proposed Code of Conduct Memo. The District has released a draft revised Code of Conduct, BTF member are encouraged to submit comments.


"A Book of Their Own" Memos

11/28/12 - List of the great Disney and Random House titles available to teachers.

11/26/12 - BTF Book for Students Project

11/21/12 - First Book Titles and Sign-Up Information

11/16/12 - First Book - Memo to All Buffalo Teachers

11/07/12 - BTF "A Book of Their Own" Project Update

11/02/12 - A Book of Their Own - A BTF Initiative

10/25/12 - A Book of Their Own - BTF/First Book/Disney/Teacher's Desk/NYSUT/AFT Initiative


11/07/12 - A Book of Their Own – A BTF Initiative

11/03/12 - Phil's Buffalo News "Another Voice" article submitted as response

10/26/12 - BTF seeks State and National SLO Intervention

10/26/12 - BTF Files SLO Grievance

10/26/12 - Delegate Questions sent to Superintendent Questions from Teachers relating to Infinite Campus and Student Learning Objectives Infinite Campus Student Learning Objectives (SLO)

10/26/12 - BTF Files Infinite Campus Grievance

10/24/12 - Phil's SLO/APPR Disaster Memo to NYSUT President Richard Iannuzzi

10/23/12 - Council of Delegates Q & A - Student Learning Objectives and Other Issues

10/12/12 - Distinguished Educators Report

09/17/12 - Letter to Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis - Standing in solidarity with our brothers and sisters.

09/07/12 - Letter to Members - Sean Ryan Endorsement

09/07/12 - Involuntary Transfer Case Update - September 7th memo - Pertaining to legal representation

09/06/12 - Involuntary Transfer Case Update - September 6th memo from Phil