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03/25/15 - Last night’s Mock Grand Jury Investigation of Governor Cuomo, with what Kleinhans workers said was close to 1,000 participants, was great. Governor Cuomo was indicted on all five counts - Immediate Action Needed Memo

03/24/15 - Diane Ravitch Salutes Buffalo Teachers - This just in: Kudos to the brave Buffalo teachers!

03/17/15 - The tickets are now available for our Mock Grand Jury Investigation of Governor Cuomo - Cuomo Mock Grand Jury Memo

03/13/15 - Tickets will be issued for our Tuesday, March 24, 2015, 6 p.m. (sharp) Mock Grand Jury event - Cuomo Mock Grand Jury Memo

03/13/15 - The BTF Executive Committee unanimously adopted the following resolution - BTF Opposition to Standardized Test/Opt-Out Memo

03/11/15 - We did it! We started in December 2013 with an unprecedented BTF picket in front of Regent Bennett’s house. It ended yesterday with Dr. Catherine Collins being elected as his replacement - Board of Regents Memo

03/09/15 - We have decided to only include Governor Cuomo in our Grand Jury investigation to keep the primary focus on him as we join with our colleagues in other districts across New York State with a unified message - BTF Mock Grand Jury Investigation of Governor Cuomo Memo

03/05/15 - The Variety Club Telethon will be held on Sunday, March 22nd. Information has been sent to each school requesting teachers participate in fundraising efforts to benefit the Telethon - $10 Donation Variety Club Telethon Memo

03/02/15 - Written Presentation and Documentation to the New York State Leaders at the meeting in Albany - BTF to New York State Leaders Memo

02/27/15 - West Seneca kicked-off our coordinated counter attack on Governor Cuomo - Anti-Cuomo Rallies Memo

02/25/15 - While we realize that we have differences, there seems to be a desire to reach an agreement. The Fact-Finder’s report that we spent many hours preparing for, is our starting point - Negotiations Update Memo

02/23/15 - Snow Days Memo

02/11/15 - The APPR agreement negotiated by the BTF and District, which was approved by the NYSED, contains the following language related to a teacher's right/ability to appeal the receipt of an "ineffective" rating - Time Sensitive APPR Appeal Information Memo

02/06/15 - We are airing television spots at the end of WUTV’s and WNYO’s Black History Month Vignettes - Black History Month TV Spots Memo

02/02/15 - "Out of Time" MOU's Memo sent to the Superintendent and Members of the Board of Education attempted to facilitate a speedy approval

01/30/15 - Join your fellow BTF members and their friends and families for a fun-filled day at Kissing Bridge - Kissing Bridge Flyer

01/30/15 - Vicious attacks on us, our students and our profession... A War Memo

01/29/15 - Vote information on the "Turnaround" Plans for Bennett, East, Lafayette and MLK - Vote on School Plan Memo

01/17/15 - Negotiations Update  Memo


12/18/14 - As per the Fact-Finder, the Fact-Finder's Report is being released for review after December 17, 2014 at midnight - Fact-Finder's Report Memo

12/18/14 - Fact-Finder's Report

12/15/14 - This is a follow up to my previous correspondence to you relating to the available snow days - Snow Day Follow Up Memo

12/12/14 - TIPs (Teacher Improvement Plans) Memo

12/05/14 - Reports in the media relating to preliminary Turnaround Plans being developed in for (4) of our schools have resulted in questions relating yo their impact on our contract and the procedures relating to proposed variances from the contract - Turnaround Plans Memo

12/05/14 - Please take a few seconds and ACT NOW to STOP the NYS Board of Regents and Commissioner John King from changing regulations to mandate stand-alone field tests that have historically been voluntary - Please CLICK HERE

12/02/14 -Based upon our latest guess, the Fact-Finder's Report should arrive sometime next week (the week of December 7th) - Fact-Finder's Report Memo

11/25/14 - Article XXXIII of the contract "Absence Due to Severe Weather and Other Emergency Conditions" covers what we call "Snow Days" - Absence Due to Severe Weather Conditions Memo

11/12/14 - The Mark Reporting Timeline on the District website will be updated to reflect the 5 day allowance for completing student report card grades in Infinite Campus - Teacher Grade Input Window Memo

11/10/14 - More Insanity -- We Want Answers


10/29/14 - New York State Allies for Public Education (NYSAPE) Press Release

10/28/14 - Election Day is only one week from today. Our endorsed candidates need your assistance if they are to be successful - Help Needed Memo

10/24/14 - Alliance for Quality Education and Citizen Action of NY Release Report Documenting How Carl Paladino Profits off Privately Run Charter Schools - AQE Press Release

10/23/14 - October 25, Community & Labor Walk Weekend - Flyer

10/23/14 - Thank you to the Buffalo teachers who submitted the class size information we forwarded to the Superintendent and Board - Action on Kindergarten Class Size Memo

10/22/14 - Council of Delegates Updates Memo

10/21/14 - BTF has been asked to support the following rally sponsored by BPTO, AQE, Citizen Action and Push Buffalo - Rally Memo

10/21/14 - Teachers have advised us that they, as well as parents who have approached them, would like to have more information regarding the protocol relative to the Ebola virus as it relates to our students and staff - Ebola Concerns Memo sent to Superintendent and Board of Education Members

10/20/14 - In response to concerns raised by teachers relating to educationally destructive class sizes and substantial reductions in student support services, the BTF has conducted an initial survey of our teachers - Horrendous Class Sizes/Student Support Services Reductions Memo

10/17/14 - Motion passed unanimously by Council of Delegates condemning 5 - 3 vote by Buffalo Board of Education

10/17/14 - The Buffalo Teachers Federation members, their families and friends will receive substantial discounts when they ski or snowboard at Kissing Bridge - Kissing Bridge Flyer

10/16/14 - We have heard from many teachers regarding the errors and problems you experienced with the 2013-2014 APPR - 2013-2014 APPR Appeal Memo and Appeal Form

10/14/14 - Support For Our Schools Falsely Labeled "failing" - Solidarity Rally Flyer

10/08/14 - The Great Charter School Rip-Off: Finally, the truth catches up to education "reform" phonies

10/08/14 - Buffalo Schools at the Crossroads: The Myth of Failing schools - Are You Smarter than a 3rd Grader? by Barbara Seals Nevergold, Ph.D

10/07/14 - Why Finland's Schools Are Top-Notch - CNN Article

10/06/14 -As per the announcement at the September Council of Delegates meeting, as of September,there are five (5) vacancies on the BTF Executive Committee - Executive Committee Vacancies Memo

10/02/14 - We would appreciate your assistance in relation to several issues - Serious Concerns Memo

09/23/14 - Alternate Pathways to Graduation Memo

09/23/14 - School Administrator to Student Ratio Analysis and Memo Sent to Interim Superintendent Donald Ogilvie - School Administrator to Student Ratio Memo

09/22/14 - NEA & AFT Delegate and Successor Election Results

09/15/14 - Effect of New APPR Legislation - Computation of APPR as per the Newly Enacted Legislation Memo

09/11/14 - The hundreds of Buffalo teachers picketing before Wednesday's Board meeting sent a clear and unequivocal message to the District and public. Solidarity, Solidarity, Solidarity Memo

09/04/14 - Amazing but not unexpected - 98%, 99% and 100% of teachers, joined by retirees and parents, picketed in front of and in some cases, surrounded their schools - Amazing Memo

08/28/14 - Clarification on informational picketing - Informational Picketing Memo

08/27/14 - Teacher Solidarity Days - URGENT - Solidarity Memo

08/26/14 - As the progress toward a new contract proceeds, it is critical that Buffalo teachers continue to demonstrate the undiminished solidarity for which they are known and widely respected - Solidarity Memo

08/22/14 - BTF demands answers on Layoffs for possible legal action - Lay-Offs Memo

08/13/14 - BREAKING: Gov Cuomo to rip Marty Connor a new %^&hole

07/17/14 - Zephyr Teachout Thank you - Meet and Great - You are Invited

07/15/14 - The new School Board plan for the Buffalo Public Schools, A Vision for Buffalo Public Education - (See July 2014 President's Report)

07/02/14 - Teachout says 25,000 signatures collected so far to challenge Cuomo - Please send or deliver petitions to BTF by Monday, July 7, 2014, at the very latest - Let's Get Then on the Ballot Memo

06/25/14 - Unexpected Concern in the Cuomo Camp

06/23/14 - Teachout to Challenge Cuomo Memo - Please take a few minutes (before or after school hours) to sign the petitions to get Zephyr Teachout and Timothy Wu on the ballot in the Democratic Primary for Governor to challenge Governor Cuomo.

06/16/14 - Governor Cuomo will be challenged in the Democratic Primary by Zephyr Teachout and Timothy Wu - Zephyr Teachout - To Challenge Governor Cuomo Memo

06/10/14 - Memo: BTF Continues Battle Against APPR

06/10/14 - Memo: BTF Demands Movement in Negotiations

05/30/14 - We have received complaints from teachers relating to the Illuminate Portal "post-tests" and passwords - Illuminate Portal "Post-Tests" and Passwords Memo

05/28/14 - The BTF, Hamburg teachers, NYSUT and parent teacher organizations have joined together to present a forum on unmasking standardized testing, the Billionaire privateers, the Common Core and other important issues. - Special Event Memo

05/15/14 - BTF Calls For State-Wide APPR Lawsuit - Request for Legal Action - Memo to President Karen Magee

05/09/14 - Proposed 2014-2015 School Calendar Memo and Calendar

05/12/14 - Today, both teams met seperately with the PERB appointed Fact-finder who is attempting to mediate our negotiations - Negotiations Update Memo

05/07/14 - We are excited to inform you that for the second year, each student in Buffalo Public Schools will be receiving a new book from First Book on behalf of the Buffalo Teachers Federation - First Book Memo

05/07/14 - Thank you for all that you did for our candidates. While we were greatly out-numbered and out-spent, we made an impact - School Board Election Memo

05/06/14 - Buffalo Public Schools: Believe!

05/01/14 - BTF Board of Education Endorsements

04/03/14 - Shen Yun 2014 - Shea's Performing Arts Center asked that we let you know about it - Shen Yun 2014 Information

03/18/14 - The current NYSUT officers are being challenged in an election that will be held at the NYSUT Representative Assembly, April 4th to 6th - Upcoming NYSUT Officers Election Memo

02/24/14 - BTF will be participating in the Rally for Smarter Schools - Rally for Smarter Schools Memo

02/14/14 - This Can't Be True - Memo to the New York State Legislators

02/06/14 - In response to questions relating to recent NYSUT activities, there is a "slate" of candidates running against the current officers' "slate" - NYSUT Officers Election Memo

02/04/14 - We have not agreed to the calendar we have sent you, as we are still seeking clarification on further issues - Snow/Cold Days Clarification Memo

02/03/14 - Here is a copy of the resolution that was approved by the NYSUT Board of Directors - NYSUT Resolution/The Back Story Memo

02/03/14 - We have spoken with NYSUT and the District. As of today, it appears that we have used 5 snow/cold days - Snow Days Memo

01/31/14 - There was apparently a news story that referred to eliminating our retiree healthcare - Retiree Healthcare Memo

01/29/14 - We believe that the Buffalo Public Schools 2013-2014 Student Calendar on the District's website may be incorrect - "Snow" Day Memo

01/27/14 - Urgent Security Issues Memo to Superintendent Brown and Board of Education Members

01/17/14 - It appears that there are serious instructional problems arising from the use of the limited number of computers in the schools - Shortage of Computers/Impact on Instruction

01/16/14 - PERB has ordered the District to reinstate all Attendance Teachers - Huge Win for Attendance Teachers Memo

01/15/14 - We continue to receive complaints that administrators are pressuring teachers to agree to student growth/achievement goals - APPR Bullying Memo

01/10/14 - No teacher can be forced to change their SLO/LMA - SLOs/LMAs Memo

01/06/14 - Negotiations Update Memo

12/17/13 - We have received no response regarding the SLO/LMA Due Date - SLO/LMA Due Date Memo

12/12/13 - SLO/LMA Completion Date Memo

12/09/13 - BTF is asking teachers to join the parents and support the Peaceful Protest of NYSED and John King - Looking For Your Support Memo

12/08/13 - Cancellation of December 12ths Executive Committee and Council of Delegates Meeting

12/08/13 - National Day of Action in support of Public Education - National Day of Action Update Memo

12/07/13 - BTF is planning real action, we should all support this - National Day of Action Memo

11/26/13 - Thank you on behalf of those needy families for your contribution to our annual Thanksgiving/Hanukkah Food Drive - Amazing Memo

11/18/13 - Teach for America Information

11/14/13 - Negotiations has been set for December 19, 2013 at 12:00 noon - Negotiation Update Memo

11/14/13 - We continue to hear concerns relating to the lack of and/or inappropriate special education services and the substitute teacher shortage - Lack of Services/Substitute Teacher Shortages Memo

11/13/13 - The District has finally agreed with BTF that the "new" grade reporting timeline the District circulated recently is incorrect - Mark Reporting Timeline Memo

11/13/13 - Buffalo Teachers Federation Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive - Flyer

11/08/13 - Petition to Terminate Commissioner King's Employment Memo

11/07/13 - Principals were instructed not to give teachers a deadline to complete SLOs and LMAs - SLO & LMA Information Email

10/30/13 - We have continued the battle to have attendance teachers compensated through the Public Employment Relation Board (PERB) - Improper Practice Charge Memo

10/29/13 - Teachers Hand Out Orange Halloween Bookmarks with Safety Tips >>> Press Release

10/29/13 - District PGS System Memo - Sent to all teachers via email Oct. 29, 2013

10/17/13 - October 24, 2013 Press Release - Important Motions for All Buffalo Teachers -

The Executive Committee and Council of Delegates unanimously passed the following motions:

Call for Commissioner King's Resignation, Honor Diane Ravitch, BTF to Seek State-wide Court Action.

10/17/13 - APPR Process Grievance for the 2012-2013 School Year- APPR Grievance

10/17/13 - SLOs/LMAs - Teacher Refusal to Sign Document - October 17, 2013 Memo

10/11/13 - SLOs/LMAs Update - October 11, 2013 Memo

10/11/13 - APPR Grievance for 2011-2012 School Year

10/07/13 - SLO Memo - SLO suggestion that was presented to the Council of Delgates and other meetings, was asked to forward on to all teachers.

10/01/13 - Press Release: BTF Seeks to Repeal State and Federal Student Transfer Laws and Regulations

09/12/13 - TIPS Memo - Additional options teachers have, even after signing

09/12/13 - APPR's Update Memo

09/04/13 - Memo to All Teachers - Re: 2012-2013 APPR Scores - The Insulting Absurdities Continue...

08/29/13 - Negotiations Memo - Re: Fact-Finder Assignment

08/29/13 - PRESS RELEASE: Rumore Blasts Commissioner's Decision to Close Pinnacle Charter School

08/20/13 - Buffalo News Op Ed Piece - King's criticism is a vicious, vindictive attack

08/16/13 - Buffalo Teacher's Salary $20,000 Below Other Teachers - Updated Copy

08/16/13 - “Let’s See If The Buffalo News Will Print This – Another Voice Article

08/15/13 -The Alliance for Quality Education needs talented students artist to design artwork for a Champions of Education event. See details...

08/14/13 - August 13th Negotiations Memo

07/24/13 - Memo To Teachers at Lafayette and East High Schools - Disgusting Letter from Commissioner King Letter to the Superintendent Brown from Commissioner Kings

07/24/13 - Memo to Dr. Pamela Brown - Meeting with NYSED Re: Lafayette & East High Schools

07/24/13 - Memo to Delegate and Alternates of East and Lafayette High Schools - Possible Legal Action Against Commissioner King

06/19/13 - Explore the History of Buffalo with a Unique Graphic Novel Project - Literacy New York Brochure

06/11/13 - These two motions were passed by the BTF Executive Committee and will be voted on by the Council of Delegates at the next meeting on Thursday, June 13th, 2013 >>> First Motion, Second Motion

05/10/13 - APPR Offensive - Copy of resolution Phil recommended to Executive Committee

05/07/13 - Last Year's Evaluations Will Not Stand Memo >>> View Memo

05/03/13 - Important. Please Read! April 9th Q&A related to SLO's >>> View Memo3

05/02/13 - Buffalo School Board Candidate/Election memo

05/02/13 - No agreement on which "indicators" will be used for teacher evaluation... >>> View Memo

05/01/13 - The BTF is prepared to do battle. "The Battle Begins" memo

04/27/13 - April 27th "Fighting Back" memo. We will not be bullied...

04/24/13 - Phil Rumore's response to Buffalo News article, "If we have to fight them, we will."

04/17/13 - BTF  Continues Battle Against Standardized Tests and in Support of Parents Wishing to Opt Out >>> View Attachment

04/16/13 - BTF Receives NEA Media Assistance Grant >>> View Announcement

03/26/13 - 2012 - 2013 Turnaround Model Schools - Memorandum of Understanding between the Buffalo City School District ("District") and the Buffalo Teachers Federation ("Federation")

02/26/13 - Report for February 2013 Executive Committee Meeting >>> View

02/12/13 - February 1, 2013 Memo from Frances Wilson, CAO of the Buffalo Public School District to all Principals and Assistant Principals: APPR Procedures and Guidance

02/05/13 - January 11, 2013 Safe Schools Memo to Dr. Brown, BPS Board of Ed Members 12/19/12 - Proposed Code of Conduct Memo. The District has released a draft revised Code of Conduct, BTF member are encouraged to submit comments.


"A Book of Their Own" Memos

11/28/12 - List of the great Disney and Random House titles available to teachers.

11/26/12 - BTF Book for Students Project

11/21/12 - First Book Titles and Sign-Up Information

11/16/12 - First Book - Memo to All Buffalo Teachers

11/07/12 - BTF "A Book of Their Own" Project Update

11/02/12 - A Book of Their Own - A BTF Initiative

10/25/12 - A Book of Their Own - BTF/First Book/Disney/Teacher's Desk/NYSUT/AFT Initiative


11/07/12 - A Book of Their Own – A BTF Initiative

11/03/12 - Phil's Buffalo News "Another Voice" article submitted as response

10/26/12 - BTF seeks State and National SLO Intervention

10/26/12 - BTF Files SLO Grievance

10/26/12 - Delegate Questions sent to Superintendent Questions from Teachers relating to Infinite Campus and Student Learning Objectives Infinite Campus Student Learning Objectives (SLO)

10/26/12 - BTF Files Infinite Campus Grievance

10/24/12 - Phil's SLO/APPR Disaster Memo to NYSUT President Richard Iannuzzi

10/23/12 - Council of Delegates Q & A - Student Learning Objectives and Other Issues

10/12/12 - Distinguished Educators Report

09/17/12 - Letter to Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis - Standing in solidarity with our brothers and sisters.

09/07/12 - Letter to Members - Sean Ryan Endorsement

09/07/12 - Involuntary Transfer Case Update - September 7th memo - Pertaining to legal representation

09/06/12 - Involuntary Transfer Case Update - September 6th memo from Phil